Distribution & Use of Trust Funds

The 2003 Trust Indenture requires that the Trustees meet at least four times each fiscal year. The fiscal year begins April 1st and ends March 31st the following year. The main purpose of these four meetings is for the Trustees to deal with matters related to the distribution of the First Nations share of the net profits from gaming. The Indenture also specifies the purposes, which distributed funds may be used for by the beneficiaries.

Section 5.01 of the 2003 Trust Indenture states the purposes are:

  • Economic Development
  • Social Programs
  • Justice Initiatives
  • Education & Education Facilities
  • the Development & Operation of Recreational Facilities
  • Senior &Youth Programs
  • Cultural & Spiritual Development
  • the Development & Maintenance of Community Infrastructure
  • Health Initiatives
  • Governance Activities
  • Treaty Protection
  • Any Other Charitable Purpose

Each year, the Annual Report presents information about how each First Nation helped fulfill community needs with the Trust monies received by them.  The Annual Reports include Tables that illustrate the choices each First Nation determined would be best for their community.

See the First Nations Determined Use of Funds; these Tables provide the purpose funds were used for by each First Nation.

The purposes First Nations use the funds for is also illustrated in charts for some years, where you can see at a glance the priority purpose for the year. Social programs, infrastructure and recreational facilities were the purposes that the most funds were invested in during this past fiscal year.