Net Profits

The First Nations share of the net profits from gaming is currently distributed to the First Nations Trust through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations.

First Nations Run Casinos

The casinos operating under the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority contribute 50 percent of the net profits from gaming in the following casinos:

• Bear Claw Casino
• Dakota Dunes Casino
• Gold Eagle Casino
• Living Skies Casino
• Northern Lights Casino
• Painted Hand Casino

Provincial Government Casinos

There are currently two Casinos operated by the SaskGaming Corporation that contribute to the First Nations Trust:

• Casino Moose Jaw • Casino Regina

The portion of the net-profits contributed to the First Nations Trust from the two SaskGaming-run casinos was 25 percent of their net annual revenues.

Net Profits Received

By the First Nations Trust 2018-2019

The contributions to the First Nations Trust transfer from the Ministry of Government Relations to the First Nations Trust. Funds are provided to the FNT in four regular quarterly distributions and an annual reconciliation.

Beneficiary Reports to the First Nations Trust

Beneficiaries are required to report to the First Nations Trust each fiscal year. Before the end of the fiscal year each First Nation and Designated Beneficiary is reminded of their reporting requirements. Each beneficiary must provide their audited Schedule concerning funds received from the First Nations Trust. These Schedules outline how the funds received from the Trust were used.

Each beneficiary must also provide an Auditor’s opinion that confirms that funds were expended by the beneficiary in accordance with the “Permitted Purposes” set out in S. 5.01 of the Trust Indenture.